Memorial wall

USS White Sands former crew members

Major General David R

As a longtime member of STARFLEET (USS Anasazi, USS White Sands) Dave’s belief in STARFLEET and what it could bring to an area became a driving force for what the USS White Sands could be. We lost Dave on March 30, 2022. His loss was reported to STARFLEET and a request to raise him in rank to MGN was granted posthumously by STARFLEET. A farewell sendoff was hosted at the banks of the Rio Grande and he appears on STARFLEET’s Memorial Wall.

Captain Aaron J
Chief Operations Officer

Aaron was the Chief Operations Officer for the USS White Sands. He was as STARFLEET as anyone could be and his love of Star Trek was contagious. On September 9, 2022, we lost Aaron suddenly to a cardiac event. His loss was also reported to STARFLEET and had been posthumously raised to the rank of Captain. His infectious spirit lives on in the crew of the White Sands. He appears on STARFLEET’s Memorial Wall.

USS White Sands civilian compliment

Liz M
Marian T
Robert G