Meeting Notes from 11/26/22:

Meeting started at approximately 4:15 pm

Members present: Laurie McFarland, Jared Francis, Bernard Dacey, Dee Spirock, Elene Gusch.

Members Zooming in: Gene Gutierrez, Woody Webster

    • Zoom Members were unable to hear us; some sort of technical issue that Laurie couldn’t solve. (Will get full credit for attendance!)

    • Old Business
      • Website from Corps of Engineers
        • In process, should have all needed info
        • Dee will let us know when we can preview/edit
      • Still lots of available Ship Positions!
      • Toys for Tots
        • Two days down, one to go
        • Total toy count: 76
        • Tomorrow: any uniform

        • Remaining Business Meeting
          • December 10th at 5:00pm

            • Christmas Party/Potluck

    • New Business
      • FLEET v. KAG Food & Toy Drive
        • Link to report donations posted on FB page on 11/22
        • Laurie will report Toys for Tots; please report any individual giving you may do this season
      • Group Apparel
        • Probably ready to order some shirts and patches
        • Need to find a source for manufacturing
        • Will revisit at next meeting
      • STARFLEET Election Season – Results
        • David Nottage/Ryan Case are the incoming CS/VCS
        • Membership Services was voted into an Executive Committee position, so our Regional Coordinator will be moving to the EC
      • Region 17
        • Because our RC will be on the EC, he can’t be RC any longer
        • Laurie is being promoted to VRC in the next few weeks, and will be RC when our RC moves to the EC in January
      • ABQ Comic-Con – January 13th-15th
        • Will want to get a fan group table and man as much as possible
        • Laurie will see if Earl can talk to the Organizers to get a table and whatever passes are available
        • Please think about when you can attend and take a shift at the table

        • New Members
          • The ship is growing regularly; new FLEET members and transfers
          • It’s at least as important to have potential members join FB, so they can try us out before joining

            • Everyone should be able to invite friends to the page; if not, please let Laurie know and she’ll get them invited

Meeting adjourned, at approximately 4:50 pm.