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Welcome aboard the USS White Sands NCC-75027

The USS White Sands meets both in-person and through virtual meeting software. Some of the activities we engage in include watching movies, supporting members who are in plays,  going to the zoo and aquarium, attending conventions, museums, and outdoor events, going out for food, bowling and axe throwing. This ship is also dedicated to service. Community outreach to include volunteering with Roadrunner Food Bank, Joy Junction Food Bank, the American Heart Association, and the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. Our first volunteer mission was a Walk for Breast Cancer in October of 2022, and the second will be the Toys for Tots collection in November.

Everyone is welcome to participate in ship activities, whether a member of SFI or not, however we encourage joining Starfleet International as well as our ship. All a person has to do to become a member of the USS White Sands is simply announce that intention to the CO and XO, please see the form below. Our commanding officers will help an individual select a ship’s department most aligned with that person’s preferred functions and welcome aboard!

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