Crew Roster

Welcome aboard the USS White Sands

Our 5-year Mission is to Trek across the 505 & 575; To explore new genres, timelines, and opportunities. To lend a hand to the community, we call home. To look toward the past to find a better future.

At the first meeting on February 12, 2022, the members present decided to approve FCAPT Laurie McFarland and CAPT Bernard Dacey as the first CO and XO of the ship, respectively.  The USS White Sands will have its first election for CO and XO in December of 2023, per the current By-Laws.

The Command Staff for the White Sands consists of the following personnel and additional positions, filled by the initial department heads with the following real-world responsibilities listed below:

USS White Sands Bridge Crew Roster

About us

The USS White Sands is a chapter in Starfleet, the International Star Trek Fan Association Inc, Region 17, and is based in New Mexico. Our home port is primarily in the Albuquerque & Rio Rancho Metro with distance members throughout the state. While we come together under the United Federation of Planets Flag, we have Whovians, 501’sters, Aliens, Transformers, Arcade Gamers, NASA, Mirror Universe, Sci-Fi and, of course, Star Trek fans.

The crew of the USS White Sands is a diverse group of fans coming together to celebrate our fandom, to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people, to have fun in all things Star Trek/Sci-Fi and to give back to our community.

Come to a meeting or two, meet & greet our crew and fellow fans, boldly explore our website and FB page to see what we are all about.

Not in the primary Albuquerque / Rio Rancho metro? that’s ok; take in a zoom meeting, suggest something in your area and perhaps find new shipmate close by.

If this sounds like what you might be interested in, we are your ship!


Everyone is welcome to participate in ship activities, whether a member of STARFLEET (SFI) or not.  We do ask that if an individual decides to participate on a regular basis (attending more than half the ship’s activities in a 6-month period) to consider becoming a member of Starfleet at and an official member of the USS White Sands. 

The USS White Sands does not currently have local membership dues, so all you need to become a member of the USS White Sands is to:

  1. Simply announce that intention to the CO or XO is to announce your attention to join
  2. Send a friend request to the Facebook page and mention the White Sands. 

The CO and XO will help an individual select a ship’s department most aligned with that person’s preferred functions and welcome aboard! 

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Command Staff

Captain Laurie McFarland


FCAPT Laurie McFarland


Profile: “Captain Janeway” 

The group of three that decided to start the ship specifically sought me out to run the ship.  They knew I’d want to do it and have some time to dedicate to creating a ship. Plus, I’m good at getting things done, and I’m not a bad speaker (I’m one of the actors on the ship).

CAPT Bernard Dacey


CAPT Bernard Darcey


Profile: “The Librarian” 

Bernard is a great guy.  You get a good conversation from him one-on-one or in a very small group, but he’s very quiet in a larger group.  He’s happy to participate in as many events as he can, even with an odd work schedule.

Jared McFarland


Lt Jared Francis


Profile: “Walsh”

Jared is the CO’s husband.  He likes Trek, and is happy to drive to events.  He’s motivated to be involved because his wife is, although he did want his own uniform and does enjoy talking with members of the crew in small groups, and telling what can only be described as “dad jokes.”

Mike Dethlefs


BRIG Mike “Eddie” Dethlefs


Profile: “Thespian”

Mike is the long-time actor on the ship.  He and the CO have agreed that the only drama on the ship will be whatever plays they might be involved in, or they can recite some Shakespeare if needed.  Mike is always smiling or laughing and is just fun to be around.

Earl Beighley


COMM Earl Beighley


Profile: “Trooper”

Earl is involved in the 501st as well as Trek.  Earl is one of our members who had originally founded the first ship in ABQ in 2000. 

He’s a long-time FLEET member who is very happy to have more Trek-related opportunities in the area.  (He’s been less involved with the 501st this year to get us up and running!)

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Founding Members

CAPT Aaron Jackson (d)

Founding Member
USS White Sands
EDM DJ, filmography,
Star Trek Cruiser

Marsha Beigley

Founding Member.
USS White Sands.
USS Anasazi
Artist, Transformers

MGN Dave Reustle (d)

Founding Member. 898th MSG USS White Sands, USS Anasazi US Air Force.
Wood Worker,

Felice Jackson

Founding Member
Singer, Closet Geek,
Star Trek Cruiser

BGN Earl Beighley

Founding Member. 898th MSG USS White Sands, USS Anasazi, 501st Trooper, Photographer, Man in Black

Carol “Cricket” Courtney

Founding Member
Klingon Assault Group Warrior

BGN Mike “Eddie” Dethlefs

Founding Member. 898th MSG USS White Sands,USS Anasazi Actor, Gamer, Master of the Stage

CPO Dee Spirock

Founding Member. 898th MSG USS White Sands, USS Anasazi, Writer, Graphics

Keira Strong

Founding Member
Genealogy, Artist, Teacher

Christine Pointeau

Founding Member
USS White Sands
Writer, Illustrator.

Guy Mackey

Founding Member, 898th MSG USS White Sands,
SFMC Special Ops
Civil Air Patrol

CAPT Bernard Dacey

Founding Member
USS White Sands, USS Joan of Arc, USS Alexander, 501st Trooper

Virginia DePauw

Founding Member
USS White Sands,
Writer, Crochet,

Scott Madison

Founding Member
USS White Sands
US Army

Bran Stimpson

Founding Member
USS White Sands,
SS Tiberon

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Crew By Department


Primary Admin of the Facebook page, maintaining webpage, takes meeting notes


Creating and maintaining props, including ship symbols


Transportation for events and activities 

  • Jared Francis


Ensures the ship follows all current health and safety protocols.  In charge of SFI medical programs and organizing CPR training


The primary organizer of away missions (activities and events), in coordination with CO/XO


Primary organizer for charitable events, in coordination with CO/XO


Chief recruiting officer; in charge of searching out and welcoming new members

Chief of the Boat

Helps wrangle the crew on away missions; helps maintain good order on the ship; POC for any enlisted personnel issues.

  • Guy Mackey