Meeting Notes from 9/24/22:

Meeting started at approximately 1:00 pm

Members present: Laurie McFarland, Jared Francis, Earl Beighley, Mike Dethlefs, Bernard Dacey, Dee Spirock, Woodrow (Woody) Webster.

Members Zooming in: Guy Mackey, Christine Pointeau, and RC Bran Stimson.

Guest Present: Troy Stull

  • Zoom Members
    • MURP from Guy
      • Marine Unit Readiness Program – certifies the Marine group with occupational specialties
      • 5 individuals need to take one of the five required courses in each specialty
      • Guy will do the paperwork
      • First two specialties to do: Medical and Aerospace
      • Group agreed to participate
    • Christine happy to join us from a distance
  • Old Business
    • Commissioning Ceremony
      • Great success! Good job all!
      • Two new members as a result – Woody and Elene
      • Refreshments – please help Earl and Marsha with reimbursements for refreshments!
      • Dee took pictures; Laurie copied them to her drive and will post on Facebook
    • STARFLEET Election Season
      • All eligible members said they had received emails
      • Laurie will post the info to Facebook re: each candidate’s website and the YouTube video with all four discussing their policies.
    • New Business
      • Possible website
        • The SF Core of Engineers is giving away a website design and one-year hosting for one ship
        • Laurie entered us into the contest and was notified that we are considered a finalist!
        • If we win, we’ll need to think of ways to finance the site after that year, somewhere around $100-150.
        • Christine reminded us that we could also develop our own through if we need to build one – much less expensive
      • Next Business Meeting – reset to October 8th at 1:00pm
      • Next Fun Meeting – Same day: Laurie proposed watching some Strange New Worlds episodes
      • Aaron’s Status
        • Aaron died of a heart attack on Friday, Sept. 9th at his home
        • Laurie wanted to promote him before reporting his loss to STARFLEET because rank can’t be changed once he’s pulled out of the system
        • Laurie has authority to promote up to CMDR, and wanted to based on Aaron’s love of Trek (He and his wife have been on every Trek Cruise!)
        • Bran reminded the group that he can promote Aaron to CAPT.
        • Laurie agreed to send Bran Aaron’s SCC number so he could make the promotion to CAPT in recognition of Aaron’s fandom.
      • Toys for Tots
        • Group planned to have November 25-27 as dates we could collect for Toys for Tots this year
        • Still want to meet at a Target (they are usually better with a group collecting for organizations than other stores) – no decision about which one
        • Mike and Laurie will make contact and see if the Marines will let us do so
      • Removal/Addition of Charities
        • Remove Autism Speaks – everyone agreed that their reputation is very bad in the community, so we will remove them from the list of charities we support
        • Additional Charities
          • Add Joy Junction – local food organization. Much easier for us to support, possibly even in person rather than financially.  Unanimously agreed.
          • Add American Heart Association – we have survivors and have lost members to heart disease. Proposal by Dee to add them was unanimously agreed.
        • Next Activity
          • Dee proposed the Walk for Breast Cancer on October 29th at 9:00am
          • Unanimously supported
          • Dee will post as an event to the FB page
        • Handbook Changes
          • Laurie reviewed the Handbook for minor changes and discovered the Handbook currently has no points for those who attend an event virtually.
          • Laurie proposed that we add the same points for virtual attendance that we do for physical attendance.
          • Unanimous approval from the group.



Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:50 pm.